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Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Dayton Municipal Court provides the following update:

Pursuant to the Court’s Administrative Order of April 3, 2020, the Court deems certain cases necessary to proceed.

The Court will hold limited in-person appearances and hearings beginning June 1, 2020 on the following:

  1. Video Arraignments will continue to be held for persons in custody at the Jail.
  2. Misdemeanor traffic and criminal initial arraignments are being held in Courtrooms 1A and 1B.
    Individuals issued traffic citations or who received summons by mail must appear on the arraignment date listed.
    Continuance: To request a Continuance, submit the Motion and Entry for Continuance form for Traffic cases to (937) 333-7558 and for Criminal cases to (937) 333-4490. If the Motion is granted, you will receive a new court date.
  3. Civil cases, including evictions, small claims, and photo enforcement hearings will be scheduled and held in Courtroom 1A.
  4. Civil, Criminal, and Traffic cases, scheduled on the individual Judge’s dockets, will be heard in the assigned courtrooms. Please contact the Judge’s Bailiff for specific instructions regarding in-person appearances.
  5. Jury trials will be scheduled beginning in August, 2020 to be heard in the assigned Judges’ courtrooms. Please contact the Bailiff for the assigned Judge for specific instructions regarding Jury Trials.
  6. The Supervision Department Officers (Probation and Pre-Trial) are conducting in-person and/or telephone appointments. Please call (937) 333-4375 for instructions regarding your specific requirement to report to your Supervision Officer.

A FACE COVERING IS REQUIRED to enter the Dayton Municipal Court Building and while inside a Courtroom.
ACCESS TO THE DAYTON MUNICIPAL COURT IS LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING PERSONS: Attorneys, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Plaintiffs, Defendants, Subpoenaed Witnesses, Victims, Victim Advocates, Interpreters, and Persons Providing Assistance to any of those individuals who are handicapped/disabled.



8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, for the acceptance of case filings and payments.

Visit to make payments and get information on Jury, Criminal, Traffic, and Civil court cases and tickets.

Dayton Municipal Court
P.O. Box 10700
301 West Third Street
Dayton, OH 45402

Jurisdiction and Organization

The Dayton Municipal Court is a limited jurisdiction court of record whose judicial function is to apply the law to specific controversies brought before it and to resolve disputes between people and other legal entities. The court operates under the rule of law to assure that the protections of law are available to all people.

The Dayton Municipal Court was created in 1913 by the Ohio State Legislature and began its judicial operation in 1914. The court has boundaries of the City of Dayton. The court has subject matter jurisdiction over a violation of any ordinance of the City of Dayton; any state of Ohio statutory misdemeanor or traffic violation committed in Dayton; and jurisdiction to preside over preliminary hearings for felony cases that occur in the City of Dayton. Jurisdiction also includes civil cases when the amount in dispute is $15,000 or less and for small claims cases when the amount in dispute is $6,000 or less.

Five full-time judges serve on the Dayton Municipal Court. Each judge is elected on a nonpartisan ballot to serve a six-year term of office. Judges must be attorneys, required to have practiced law for a minimum of six years and be residents of the City of Dayton. All judges are sworn to administer justice in every case and to ensure that the cases before them are conducted in an impartial and equitable manner. Annually, the judges elect a Presiding Judge and an Administrative Judge. These judges meet regularly with the Court Administrator to review the operations and policies of the court.

Two full-time magistrates are appointed by the court to hear certain civil cases, small claims cases, eviction procedures and initial appearances for defendants summoned in for arraignment. They also preside over minor traffic and criminal cases.

The administrative, professional, technical and clerical functions of the court are provided by 55 court employees. Support positions include a court administrator, magistrates, legal assistant, court technology manager and IT technical support coordinator, probation officers, assignment coordinators, bailiffs, marshal, secretaries , paralegals, and electronic home detention officers.



Mark E. Owens, Clerk of Court
(937) 333-4300

Central Payments
(937) 333-4302
FAX: (937) 333-4468

Civil Division
(937) 333-4471
FAX: (937) 333-4468

Criminal Division
(937) 333-4315
FAX: (937) 333-4490

Jury Information
(937) 333-4307
FAX: (937) 333-4468

Traffic Division
(937) 333-4310
FAX: (937) 333-7558

Ann Marie Murray, Court Administrator
(937) 333-4338
FAX: (937) 333-4494

Bailiff Office
(937) 333-4325

Magistrate Colette Moorman
(937) 333-4456
FAX: (937) 333-2849

Magistrate Ebony Wreh
(937) 333-4456
FAX: (937) 333-2849

Supervision Services
(937) 333-4375

Warrant Enforcement
(937) 333-4339

Honorable Carl S. Henderson, Presiding Judge
(937) 333-4350
FAX: (937) 333-5077

Honorable Deirdre E. Logan, Administrative Judge
(937) 333-4369
FAX: (937) 333-4496

Honorable Daniel G. Gehres
(937) 333-4366
FAX: (937) 333-5114

Honorable Christopher D. Roberts
(937) 333-4342
FAX: (937) 333-5085

Honorable Mia Wortham Spells
(937) 333-4345
FAX: 333-5083