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Mark Owens, Clerk of Court, Dayton Municipal Court

The Clerk of Court’s Office is the repository of public records for the Dayton Municipal Court. The Clerk, elected by the citizens of Dayton to a six year term, and his management and support staff of 48 full-time and 2 part-time Deputy Clerks assure that the tasks of the office as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code, are adhered to and carried out. Established administrative functions and legal processes insure that the municipal court case documentation is recorded and maintained appropriately for the public record.

The Clerk of Court’s Office is divided into four divisions: Central Payments, Civil, Traffic, and Criminal. The Central Payments Division collects moneys due and payable for nearly 20,000 annual traffic citations, over 26,000 parking citations, as well as criminal minor misdemeanors and marriage fees. This division processes fees, makes appropriate case docketing and disburses money according to law. During 2010 over $4.1 million was collected in fines and costs.

The Civil Division is comprised of the General Division, Small Claims, Rent Escrow, and Trusteeships. The General Division annually processes nearly 7,500 civil suits initiated by attorneys. In addition, the division processes nearly 25,000 wage and bank attachments, 100 foreign certificates of judgment transfers, and nearly 700 small claim cases annually. The office records all case document filings and receipts and then disburses funds according to the orders and directives of the court. In 2010 the Civil Division disbursed more than $4.6 million dollars.

The Traffic Division processes cases such as driving under the influence offenses and financial responsibility act suspensions. In 2010 nearly 20,000 traffic cases were processed. The Traffic Division makes sure the entries and orders of the court are docketed, they establish and monitor payment plans for the defendants, and accept bail and bond.

The Criminal Division processes criminal misdemeanor complaints that occur in Dayton. Over 12,000 such complaints were processed in 2010. The division also records felony charges from a defendants arrest through preliminary hearing and then transfers felony cases to the Common Pleas Court. Court costs, fees, fines and bail are collected and disbursed according to law.

The Clerk’s Office provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week bail service to ensure that due process is provided for all persons having business with the Municipal Court. Additionally, the Clerk provides countywide bail services for Montgomery County through a contract with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. On weekends, holidays, and after 4:30pm on weekdays, citizens can pay tickets or post bond at the Montgomery County Jail, 330 West Second Street, Dayton. The bail clerks processed over $2.6 million of bail in 2010.

The Clerk of Court’s Office, serving in the appointed capacity as the Jury Commission for the Dayton Municipal Court, manages the administration, certification and notification process for approximately 10,000 prospective jurors annually. Summonses are issued for individuals to appear at court for jury duty on an as needed basis. Municipal court jury trials are short in duration, usually lasting only one or two days.

Office hours for the Clerk of Court are 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, for the acceptance of case filings and payments. Parking, Traffic and Criminal payments can also be paid online at

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Dayton Municipal Court

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Office hours for the Clerk of Court are 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, for the acceptance of case filings and payments. Traffic and Criminal payments can also be paid online at

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