1. The Administrative Judge shall have full control over the administration, docket, and calendar of the court, pursuant to Sup. R. 4.
  2. The Administrative Judge shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the judges of the court. An incumbent administrative judge may be elected to consecutive terms. The term of office shall be the calendar year. Upon election and before commencement the Administrative Judge shall notify the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio of his election.
  3. The Administrative Judge shall cause cases to be assigned to judges as required by the Rules of Superintendence and the DMCR. The Administrative Judge shall require reports from each judge concerning the status of assigned cases to assist him in the discharge of his responsibility to the Supreme Court of Ohio and in the implementation and application of the Rules of Superintendence for the timely termination of the case.
  4. The Administrative Judge may be relieved of a part of his trial duties during his term of office to permit him to utilize a part of his time to manage the calendar and docket of the court.

The election of the Administrative Judge for the following year will be held at the December Joint Session of the Judges of the Dayton Municipal Court. This will allow for the adjustment in assignment of cases for the following year. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Administrative Judge caused by resignation or otherwise, such vacancy during a particular term shall be filled by a vote of the majority of the remaining judges. Said election shall occur within ten (10) days after such vacancy.

The Administrative Judge shall designate the judge or judges who shall be the Acting Administrative Judge in the absence of the Administrative Judge.

In the absence of a judge, the Presiding Judge or Administrative Judge shall appoint a substitute or request the assignment of a substitute to carry out the duties of the absent judge, pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code and the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio.

  • Questions of the admission of persons to a courtroom shall be within the province of the judge to whom that courtroom is assigned and within the guidelines of public access to all court proceedings consistent with the order and dignity of the court.
  • No recordings shall be made of any court proceedings without approval of the Judge conducting the proceeding and pursuant to the Rules of Superintendence.

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